Below you will find the different type of content / events that Kova Co creates.

Fame Farm Competition


  • This will be a competition to get the most fame for your team
  • Meet at the guild island 01:00 where team captains will draft teams!
  • Once teams are picked you have 5 minutes to strategize and change gear to whatever you want to help your team comp (within event rules). We head out to the BZ together but can branch off to different areas/dungeons


  • Lots of fame
  • bragging rights


  • Max 1300 avg IP (lower IP is fine! The draft should help even us out)
  • Teams consist of 4-6 players each.
  • Maps not allowed (sorry you gotta find your dungeons!)
  • Satchels allowed for members, not team captains
  • You must stay within one zone of [Insert Zone here]
  • You may rejoin your team if you die
  • Late joins will be allowed but must join the teams with lower players and cannot go over 6 max players / team
  • Each team will be in their own voice comm channel, you may switch channels to trash talk but no disrupting their efforts, general chatter should go in #the-lounge
  • At 03:00 cutoff time, team captain fame will be checked in guild logs
  • The team whose captain achieves the highest Fame gained over the course of the event is named the winning team!

1v1 Bracket Style Tournament


It will literally just be you vs 1 other person in a duel. That means no gear loss on death. 


  • be on the Kova Co guild island 
  • Gear IP cannot exceed 1000, if it's even 1001 you cannot participate. 
  • Food and healing potions are allowed, no poisons, invisibility, or sticky potions. 
  • No nature staffs, sorry
  • $50k buy in
  • winner takes all