Fishing Advice

** Disclaimer: Like everything on the internet, this is just my personal opinion and a collection of things I wish I knew when I first started playing. If you don't agree, no offense taken!**

One of the things I get asked about most often is fishing. Is it worth it? Do you make money? Where do I make the most money? Well, I will answer all of your question and more! 

Let's start with the first question, is it worth it? Well that is honestly up to you. Like any form of gathering it has its pros and cons and every player generally gravitates toward one form of gathering or another. Unless you only like PVP or PVE, of course. So people that enjoy fishing and its little mini-game are usually pretty committed to it. Many people will also use it as a sort of side hustle or supplementary gathering. Any way you want to look at it, it's not a bad option, and it can be worth it. That being said, lets talk money. 

Fishing is purely decided by random number generators (RNG) so its not like mining or skinning when you know what you want and can see what you are getting. Unlike all other forms of gathering there are no enchanted fish, so you will never find a T 5.1 eel or any other fish. That does not mean they don't sell well. Different fish are used for different dishes that are consumed during PVP, PVE, and ZVZ content. Deadwater Eel Stew 9.5% and reduces cool downs by 9.5% for the base level of stew. Fish will also give you buff if you eat it raw. Continuing with the Deadwater Eel example, raw consumption will give you a buff of a 9.5% cool down reduction. No cooking or additional ingredients needed. At the time of writing a Deadwater Eel will sell for ~50,000 silver. Now that is just one  fish out of the 37 different kind of fish you can catch. Some will sell very well, others not so much. 

What can you Find? 

Common Fish:

(photo reference for all fish here:

  • Common fresh water fish
    • Tiers 1 - 8
      • Best-selling fish is the Danglemouth Catfish
        • Popular to eat raw.
  • Common Saltwater Fish
    • Tiers 1 - 8
      • Due to the lack of saltwater compared to fresh water these are not as common as the previously mentioned fish. 

Rare Fish:

Every biome of the game has its own rare fish that can only be caught in that specific type of area. 

  • Forest areas have the eels.
    • T3 Green River Eel
    • T5 Redspring Eel
    • T7 Deadwater Eel
      • Sells for ~50k
  • Mountain areas have the "eye" fish, which are ironically blind. 
    • T3 Upland Coldeye
    • T5 Mountain Blindeye
    • T7 Frostpeak Deadeye
      • Sells for ~8k
  • Swamp areas have the clams.
    • T3 Greenmoor Clam
    • T5 Murkwater Clam
    • T7 Blackbog Clam
      • Sells for ~6k
  • Highland areas have the lurchers. Fun fact: they are based on axolotls.
    • T3 Stonestream Lurcher
    • T5 Rushwater Lurcher
    • T7 Thunderfall Lurcher
      • Sells for ~25k
  • Steppe (desert) areas have the crabs.
    • T3 Lowriver  Crab
    • T5 Drybrook Crab
    • T7 Dusthole Crab
      • Sells for ~13k
  • Saltwater areas have a myriad of cephalopods and JAWS himself. 
    • T3 Shallowshore Squid
    • T5 Midwater Octopus
    • T7 Deepwater Kraken 
      • Sells for ~60k
    • T8 Shark 
      • I know... mildly disappointing name.
      • Only found in T8 Black Zone areas. 
      • Sells for ~600k

Non-fish Fishables:

  • Seaweed
    • Sells pretty well. 
    • Used to make fish sauce to enchant food. 
  • Rough Logs
  • Furniture 
    • Only fishable on personal/guild islands and in Caerleon.
  • Various Equipment
    • While fishing, you may occasionally fish up equipment or T4 tomes. 
      • I have found T6 mage sandals, T4.2 Long Bow, just random things. To the best of my knowledge there is no list of equipment you can find.

How do I Fish?

Fishing is unlike any other form of gathering. You will need to pay attention and actively perform a mini-game like task. The first step is to find a body of water. When you move your mouse over it a little bobber will appear indicating you can fish here. Your next step is to look for visible fish. There will either be one fish just kind of floating around by itself or up to five fish swimming in a circle. One is not better than the other and only indicates the amount of fish in that spot. You can fish even if there are no visible fish present, but it will take longer to make one bite. Once you find your mark place your cursor over it and click then hold. You will see a power bar start to fill up. The more power you have the farther the like will go. If you miss then try again. If you get the bobber just outside the circle where the fish are present you will still be able to snag it. Once a fish bites you will see the bobber dip and make some ripples in the water, there will also be an audio splashing cue, you will need to click and another bar will appear. This one will be red on the ends then yellow and green in the middle. The goal to catch the fish is to keep your bar on this scale in the green or yellow areas until you catch the fish dictated by a sliding fish tracker above the scale. You do this by clicking and holding to reel the fish in, if it gets too close to the red area you will need to let go of the button and let the bar move back down the scale. This mimics real life fishing in some way. If you pull to hard the line will snap and if you don't reel it in the fish will get away.

If you are a more visual learner there are a slew of YouTube videos to watch. Their info may be a bit outdated, but the mechanic has not changed. My recommendation is to always just get out there and do it! Grab a rod and toss it into the next body of water you see!

Where do I Fish?

You can fish anywhere there is water. You can fish on your island, in the city, and every other are of the game. There are two exceptions, dungeons and tunnels. Fishing in the "secret tunnels" and inside dungeons will only allow you to catch trash.

On the Royal continent the most profitable area to fish is Murkweld in the forest area. Of the freshwater rare fish this is the most profitable and Murkweld provides the highest chance to catch it. Although they can spawn in any forest biome T5 or higher. 

My next favorite place to fish is the Caerleon Underway. This is the underground passage that will lead  you from various red zones into the center city of Caerleon. Here you can find every type of fresh water fish, even the rare species, from every biome. Since it is a T6 zone there will be nothing below a rare T3 and a common T5 caught here. While you can still get ganked here it is pretty unlikely, due to the high traffic of people coming in and out. Just hop off your mount near one of the entrances and fish away. If the counter goes up you can mount up and be ready to dart back in. 

Where you fish depends on what you will be able to catch. You will be able to catch fish two tiers higher than the current tier of the map you are in. So if you are in at T3 blue zone you will be able to catch tier 1-5 fish. However, since the spawn rate is higher on lower level common fish, you are more likely to catch common tier 1 - 3 fish than you are to catch a T5 rare fish. If you are in a T4 yellow zone you will not be able to catch tier 1 or 2 fish and you will be able to catch up to T6! This will remove the lowest tiers from your catch poll and give you higher odds of catching something wort money. 

If you are feeling adventurous you can also go to the black zone to fish. Note this is the ONLY area you will be able to catch the infamous shark and you will have to venture out to a T8 area to do it. They are the exception to the rule. 

Another thing to note is the amount of people that are fishing an area. The more people that are fishing the less you will be able to catch. This is why it is more profitable to go out to the red and black zones. Fewer people, more fish. 

What Should I Wear?

Gathering gear, gathering gear, and more gathering gear. Gathering gear is the best thing you can wear while fishing (and any form of gathering honestly). If you don't want to wear it you should go with something helpful for either escaping or PVP. 


  • Goose/Pork pies
    • Pies now effect fishing with their gathering bonus!
  • Seaweed Salad
    • Seaweed salad increases your fishing speed by 10%.


  • fishing bait
    • Comes in tiers 1,3, and 5.
      • Bait does not affect the tier or amount of fish you catch. It only affects the amount of time it takes a fish to bite the hook. 
  • Invisibility Potion
    • Turns you invisible for 7 seconds. Great for escaping. 


Fish are light compared to other resources especially if you are taking gathering gear that will reduce the weight of lower tier fish. This lets you take a fast mount as opposed to a mount with extra carrying capacity like a Wild Boar or and  Ox. 

  • Swiftclaw
    • Cheap
    • Fast
  • Armored Horse
    • Tanky
    • T5 minimum
  • Stag
    • Pretty quick with extra carrying capacity
    • Squishy

Happy Fishing! ~ Sinevera