Gathering / Escape Builds and Tactics

** Disclaimer: Like everything on the internet, this is just my personal opinion and a collection of things I wish I knew when I first started playing. If you don't agree, no offense taken!**

Gathering can be difficult, if not terrifying, especially all alone in the red or black zones. Below are a few tips and builds to make your gathering more effective and potentially safer. 


I know it is VERY tempting to take something cheap into PVP areas to minimize loss in the event you get ganked, but that is one of the worst things you can do. You want to be able to move quickly and be able to take damage while you try to escape. 

  • Armored Horse
    • Tier 5+ preferred. 
    • Can take a good amount of damage with good move speed.
  • Swiftclaw
    • Fast and cheap
    • Not as tanky as the armored horse and takes longer to sprint. 
  • Boar
    • Spectral Dire Boar for invisibility is great but very expensive
    • Saddled Wild Boar(Lymhurst boar) is less expensive and has a higher pre sprint move speed, but cannot hold as much. 
    • If you are dismounted you will not become over weight like you do with an ox.
  • Ox
    • I do not recommend taking an ox but if you do it should be at least tier 5.


A key aspect to making the most of your gathering run is to be sure you are well-prepared. Taking food and potions will help you become more time efficient. The less time you are out in the zone the safer you will be. 

  • Goose / Pork pies
    • Increase gathering yield and decreases carry weight. 
    • They only last 30 min so you may to take two or three.
  • Fishing Bait
    • Fancy (T5) bait is the only one really worth the money.
      • Bait comes in Tier 1(50%),3(125%),5(250%) and increases the bite rate for fish by the previously referenced percentage. 
    • Bait will NOT effect the tier of fish you catch. 
    • Every tier has 10 charges (10 fish to catch).
      • Don't waste your bait on visible fish i.e. sitting on surface or swimming in a circle. 
  • Invisibility Potion
    • only comes in tier 8 form
      • keeps you invisible for 7 seconds
    • Must be dismounted to use 
    • Be sure you are NOT poisoned or taking damage before using.
      • Damage over time effects will cause you to become visible.
      • Attacking will also cause you to become visible.
    • Combo with Wonderlust to out run then go invisible to increase your odds of escape.
  • Poison
    • Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. 
      • T4 minimum but the higher the better
      • Only take this over invisibility if you are willing to fight back. 


If you are going to be doing general gathering wear something you can 1. Afford to lose, and 2. Makes escape easy or PVP gear to fight back. If you are going to be focused on gathering a particular resource (i.e. fiber) you should wear the gathering gear for that particular resource, but nothing below tier 5. Tier 4 gathering gear offers little protection and minimal gathering bonus especially if you are going to be in the black or red zones. 


  • Gathering Gear
  • Hellion Hood
    • Smoke Bomb 
  • Hunter Hood
    • Retaliate 
  • Mercenary Hood
    • Cleanse 


  • Gathering Gear
  • Assassin Jacket
    • Ambush


  • Gathering Gear
  • Solider's Boots
    • Wonderlust
  • Demon Boots
    • Vengeful Sprint


  • Gathering Gear
  • Fort Sterling
    • This is the best cape for escapists. 
  • Undead Cape 
    • Only beneficial when you drop below 25% and turn invisible.  

Main Hand:

  • Blood Letter
    • Has 2 dash abilities
      • If you don't plan on staying to fight DON'T hit your enemies.
        • The E ability (lunging stabs) does damage, so if you use it and hit an enemy in front of you, you'll be in combat, making it impossible to leave an area.
  • War Bow
    • Use Frost Shot on the W
      • This will fling you in the oppose direction you shoot the arrow. 
        • Be sure to aim behind you if you want to be propelled forward.

Off Hand:

  • Mistcaller
    • Cool down reduction 
  • Taproot
    • Health


  • Avoid mobs
    • practice in the yellow and blue zones to test the agro range of different mobs to effectively dodge them when you go out into the pvp zones. 
  • Avoid dismounted players

    • If you are in the black zone and see someone dismounted its better to avoid them. 
    • If you see a dismounted hostile in the red zone run. 
      • If they come up to you and dismount you have 7 seconds before they can attack so use that time to mount up and get a move on. Remember they will most likely have similar moves to use to catch up to you!
  • If you see a death on the mini map (skull) its best to avoid that area or leave the zone all together. 
  • If someone tries to gank you and you successfully lose them in the zone, leave. 
    • More than likely they will continue to chase you even if they lose sight of you or they will alert their friends to your location. Better to just move on than to risk your profits. 
  • Practice the "Butt to Horse" method.
    • Always be touching your mount. Even if the next resource is a few steps away its better to mount up and ride over. 
      • If you have to walk back to your mount or remount entirely are are at a great disadvantage. 
  • Avoid the road.
    • Roads are the fastest way to get around but it is also where gankers like to hang out and look for people. 
  • Approach Entrances and Exits from the side. 
    • Gankers like to post up in front of exits and entrances as well as have people a little ways down the road in front of them to alert the others. They will be dismounted and ready to snare you. 
    • If you come from the side they are less likely to see you in time to coordinate and attack, or they may miss you altogether. 
  • Don't jump into a dungeon to try to get away. 
    • You will be a sitting duck. 
  • Don't panic.
    • I know, I know easier said than done. But you have a good build and plenty of tricks up your sleeves. The worst thing you can do is panic and use all your abilities at once. 
      • Watch your cool-down times and pay attention to mobs in the area. 

I hope you found this helpful! Happy Gathering!