Guild Info

  • Members are working adults with careers and families. 
  • We will never have mandatory events or goals for our members. 
  • We are based out of Fort Sterling.
        Need help moving? Let us know, and we can provide a transport convoy.
  • Our most active time zone is from 02:00 - 06:00 (UTC). 
  • We are very organized and well run. We are well versed in Guild/Clan/Corp management. 
  • Although Kova Co does a bit of everything we do a lot in the Roads of Avalon and sometimes require higher level gear to attend select events.

What We Offer

  • A laid back gaming experience with like-minded adults.
  • The small guild feel where everyone knows your name.
  • Content! We create content and schedule events.
  • We have a special interest group for almost every aspect of the game. 
  • Guild islands in all cities for lower usage fees when refining and crafting! 
  • Kova Co is a transparent guild, our logs are open for all members to view and question. 
  • Fame Farms, Avalonian Dungeons, small scale PvP, and lots of gold chests in the roads.

Basic guild member guidelines are as follows:

  • No price gouging guild members
  • Communicate in a straightforward and respectful manner.
  • Consider how your words and actions will impact others.
  • Act with decency and integrity.
  • We ask that all members refrain from both using slurs and talking about race, religion, and politics. There is a time and a place while playing video games is neither. 

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