If you don't use your island, you're taking a break from the game, or you're just going on holiday for a week.
Please consider sharing your island's farm plots with Kova Co.

  • All proceeds will go towards bettering the guild and its services. 
  • Farm plots will be used to feed guild buildings.
  • Help guild mates level farming skills a lot faster!
  • We will NOT remove anything from your island. EVER.
  • Kova Co might upgrade buildings as we use them.
  • We will ask permission before adding any buildings.

    I, Clay#3140, will personally ensure that when you want to use your island, it will be in the same, or better, condition as you left it. 

How to share your island with Kova Co:

The Easy Way: (More Trust) The Hard Way: (Less Trust)
  1. Travel to your personal Island.
  2. Give Co-Owner rights to the player KovaCo 
    (not the guild, the player).

    That's it. You're Done! I'll do the rest. Thank you for sharing!
  1. Travel to your personal island
  2. Add the guild Kova Co to your visitor's list.
  3. Go to each farm plot, add the player Claytonia to the user's list.

    This is my personal account, with premium, and I will be tending to your farms personally.

If for any reason you would like to use your farm plots again, please give us 24hours notice, so we can harvest the crops. Some seeds sell for over $30,000 silver. We have a lot of money invested on your island. 

Tending To Islands

If you would like to help Kova Co farm islands please let Clay#3140 know in discord.

  • You must use a premium account for all farming!
  • We will provide you with the seeds.
  • We would prefer it if you could water the seeds daily but understand that focus is rare.
  • You will need to farm the island every day and put the crops in the guild island chest. 
  • You will level up the farming skills a lot faster! Free Fame!

If you would like to craft foods to feed the buildings on the Guild islands please let us know!
It's free fame!