Kova Co Production Chain City Manager

Production City Manager's play an important role in the Kova Co Production chain. A production manager takes care of the production chain for a specific royal continent city (or hideout). If there is an open spots for city manager and you are interested, please speak with an officer.

The current production managers are:

  • Ft Sterling - Tyveil
  • Lymhurst - Krysalyn
  • Bridgewatch - Clay
  • Martlock - open
  • Thetford - Maryamedo

Production manager responsibilities for their city are:

  • Ensure raw resources are refined.
  • Ensure enough refined resources are in the chest to meet city crafting needs.
  • Ensure finished goods are transported back to Ft Sterling for guild use.
  • Keep production chests organized.
  • Move excess goods (no current demand and high value) to the overflow chest.
  • Make sure the refining and crafting stations are stocked with food, in good repair, and upgraded to an appropriate tier.

Here is what the production house chests should look like:

City bonus/donate (example Ft Sterling)

Refined resources

Crafted Goods (enchantment items only needed in Ft Sterling)

Transport (example these raw goods are no use in Ft. Sterling)

Overflow (not used by crafters here at the time - also to mitigate risk)