Loot Split

The official Kova Co PVP / Ganking loot split procedure is as follows:

This does not apply to PvE dungeons, only PvP loot!

Do not combat loot, wait until the fighting is over before you loot!

  1. At the end of an event all loot should be placed in the Loot split tab of the guild island bank.

  2. Bidding will take place within the party for the rights to All the loot
    Bidding will start at half of the estimated market value.

  3. The person who wins the bid will become party lead and pay each party member an equal amount of the winning bid.
    After paying someone, kick them from the party.

  4. Once all members have been paid the winning bidder will take all loot!

There are 6 people in a group and their loot is below.
Bidding starts at 50,000 silver. (Half the market value)
Let's say JIM wins the bidding at 50k
JIM becomes party leader and would pay the other 5 members 10,000 silver each via a trade. 
JIM would kick people from the party as he pays them to ensure no double payment.
JIM would then take the loot! (and probably sell it for a 2x profit!)