Thank you for being a part of Kova Co!

Below is a short list of useful tools and information about Kova Co.
More information about the guild and the game can be found on our forums.
It's highly recommended you check out the Kova Co Forums for more information. 

  1. Loot-split guidelines
  2. How to form a group
  3. Help us recruit
  4. Guild goals
  5. Share your island
  6. Spreadsheets

Basic guild member guidelines are as follows:

  • No price gouging guild members
  • Communicate in a straightforward and respectful manner.
  • Consider how your words and actions will impact others.
  • Act with decency and integrity.
  • We ask that all members refrain from both using slurs and talking about race, religion, and politics. There is a time and a place while playing video games is neither. 

    The back end services of Kova Co cost money to maintain. If you would like to help pay for the costs of running the website, forums and bots you can buy me a coffee.